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The eye in the Pick's heart *spoilers* posted 15 Mar 2009, 21:03 by Riardd Ambrosius, Commoner

"Suddenly he stopped. Everyone leaned forward, breathless, struck by the sight of a scar or suture along one of the heart's fat-sheathed chambers. With his thumb Xonghis pressed open the upper lid... A human eye stared at them." --pg. 329 The Judging Eye This is but one of the many parts in the story I didn't completely understand. Who/what exactly did the Bloody Pick meet in Cil Aujas? Was it the shade of Gin'yursis? Who or what exactly is that dead eye and how did it end up in a man's heart? And was the severed hand supposed to be part of his wife, Gamarrah, was it? view post


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