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Re: Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 22 Mar 2009, 07:03 by nonman_erratic, Commoner

When I read the bit about Mimara and the Chorae, I started drawing parallels with the PoN... There were several rhetorical arguments regarding Kelhus as a prophet learning the Gnosis... How could it be blasphemous for the mouth of God to speak the Word of God... What about a Tear of God coming from the Judging Eye (of god? - As per the explanation in TJE, there is a small piece of God in every person - Some obviously inherit ?his? judging eye)... I have a feeling that The Judging Eye of Mimara is going to be significant with regards to the ultimate Damnation of Sorcerers... Part of the whole subjectively objective right and wrong system in Earwa. If the Eye of Judgement is able to be modified such that it no longer sees the sorcerous as damned, subsequently the subjective damnation could be altered? view post


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