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Re: Any up coming Novels with entirety Of THe Apocalypse? posted 03 May 2009, 18:05 by Karol, Commoner

I know this is old but the idea of the Heron Spear as a gun struck me as odd. A bullet would have absolutely no affect against something like Mog-Pharau. If you recall there's a tornado that constantly whirls about the No God and it would simply knock the bullet off course. If it were a laser the debris caught in the spin would work as a fairly effective shield. As for the Ark - who says it's a space ship? Many fantasy worlds include inter-dimensional travel precipitated through magic. It could be that the Ark is built to carry them through that void between the dimensions and when they find a suitable world instead of just snapping into the fabric of the [i:319ymwkp]planet[/i:319ymwkp], they must enter the dimension 'close enough' to the potentially ripe world. Perhaps the Ark 'appears' within the planet's field of gravity and is thus pulled down? It really seems like it was only meant to be a one way trip, otherwise the whatsits could have left after encountering so much resistance to their plan. Of course, if they [i:319ymwkp]couldn't[/i:319ymwkp] leave they are left with only one option - close the world to the outside so as to escape damnation. view post


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