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The Judging Eye cover art / edition posted 09 Aug 2009, 01:08 by Uriel, Commoner

Hello all, Long time forum reader, first time posting. Finally got an account up and running, so my apologies if this is a repeated question. I'm a bit of a nit picky collector and being a college student, I like to buy things only once. It's not like I have anything more than this month's rent in the checking account with some change in my pocket. Anyway, I'm really wanting to continue the saga of Kellhus with The Judging Eye, but I've been waiting in order to purchase a hardback copy with the blue / teal color and the decending characters motif from the first set of hardbacks. (Pics below) I really like how flashy the first three look with my other books, they really stand out. I fear it'll be like the Dark Tower series though. I loved the cover art of the first 4, but then once he picked the series back up the look of them changed. I don't really know what that gets to me, I've been told it's a quality of most Taurus'. Does anyone know if this cover art ever made it into production? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Pre-release I found a few sites ( etc) in which the pre-order thumbnail was of that cover, yet anytime I find this on a store shelf it's the other cover with the prince's picture surrounded by a ring. And on top of that, I usually find the paperback editions. I'm thinking that the 2nd and 3rd sets of books might not continue that motif, which is a shame because I really like them. They're so unique looking, plus I'm a hand-sweater so reading the paperbacks results in might curled books, I can't stand that. Desired cover art: [img:22i887nz][/img:22i887nz] Cover I find: [img:22i887nz][/img:22i887nz] Sorry for the length, and many thanks for any help or information on the subject. Uriel view post


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