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Re: Incariol, what does it mean? posted 15 Aug 2009, 18:08 by Rhadamanth, Commoner

Fascinating reading Thorsten. I think you are on the right track. So if Incariol is from ' hall of the sky ', are there any references to where Mekeritrig (who seems likely to be Incariol, IMHO) is from? Do you the the ' hall of the sky ' is in any way a reference to the ' ark of the sky ' ? On a similar note, does anyone else think Kellhus may have translated Auja-Gilcunni (the lost ground tongue of the nonmen)? I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile but there seemed to be hints in the books that it hadn't been translated...yet. Would it give any advantage? I'm not too sure about the metaphysics of sorcery and language. I doubt Kellhus would have had much trouble translating it since he knew of at least three Nonman mansions where he might find sources and given his ease with languages. One last thing, during Kellhus' encounter with the Nonman at the beginning of Darkness, the Nonman says " I see that you are a student, knowledge is power eh?" when Kellhus merely looks at him without fear or expression. At first this didn't mean much to me but as I was perusing the glossary I found this: " Following its founding in 684 by Sos-Pranimura ( the greatest student of Gin' yursis) the school of Mangaecca pursued a predatory ethos, regarding [b:173297l9]knowledge as the embodiment of power[/b:173297l9]." Did the Nonman think Kellhus was somehow connected to the Mangaecca? Do the Dunyain have roots connected to the Mangaecca? Perhaps they are an offshoot of some early (pre-Consult) Mangaecca thinkers? Any other ideas what this little exchange meant? view post


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