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Re: Incariol, what does it mean? posted 27 Aug 2009, 21:08 by Rhadamanth, Commoner

Does Achamian speak Ihrimsu? I thought he spoke a different version for sorcery. Perhaps he doesn't know the etymology of Ihrimsu or Bakker just doesn't want him to tell us yet. Sometimes his hints are fairly obvious though, I mean come on Mallahet = Moenghus? Who didn't see that coming? All the hints were there. I don't know if Incariol is Mekeritrig (or whether Mekeritrig is the one whom Kellhus meets) but it seems like a nice little circle. Plus, the conversation between Incariol and the Ghost under the Mountain seemed to hint that Incariol knew his people were damned and that he didn't forget like the rest of them. I wonder if either one Mekeritrig, Incariol, and the unknown one Kellhus meets were part of the group that slaughtered the humans near the ruins of Myclai at the end of TWP? view post


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