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Re: Incariol, what does it mean? posted 02 Sep 2009, 17:09 by Supersword, Commoner

Just a couple of potential refining points. But before that, I'm impressed that this is what has been come up with thus far. Very impressive. First off, in figuring out the syllables between Nonman words, so far as I can tell is that the only difference between Nonman speech patterns and Human speech patterns would be caused by the fused teeth of the former. Otherwise, they still speak via sound vibrations, which leads me to believe that their syllables would constitute much the same length and shape as Humans'. Therefore, it is my belief that the original thought on in-ca-riol or inc-a-riol present more accurate samples. Secondly, as per Achamian, it is quite possible that Seswatha came into contact with Incariol, but it wasn't part of his memories that the Mandate see every night. Instead, I believe that Achamian is just getting through the surface of the 'secondary' dreams of Seswatha's memories. I believe it is possible that Achamian will find evidence of Incariol somewhere in these 'new' dreams. After all, Achamian is now the chief historian of the First Apocalypse, for all intents and purposes. view post


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