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posted 26 May 2005, 13:05 by bovine_buddha, Commoner

As of now, having just reread Elezeäras account of his mentor's assassination I have decided that the Cishaurim was in fact responsible, and thus Moënghus since he's probably been in Mallahet's guise for a loooong time. Which imples that Moëngus is in fact the mastermind behind everything from Holy War to strange alliances, and the Consult are merely hitching a ride, trying to annihilate the Cishaurim or possess their Psûkhe (though I guess Scott has a lot of aces up his sleeve to surprise us countless times in TTT). However, regarding sorcerous skin-spies... I agree with everything you say, White Lord, and have been on that track too, but as others have stated, this makes all variables very unstable... And predictions hard to make since... We do know (suspect) however that a Mandate has turned traitor, or the school has been infiltrated, which would be much more simpler if sorcerous skin-spies could in fact be produced. On to my scepticism however. As Bakker has stated, the ability to do sorcery stems from the body, being one of the few, coupled with an intelligence to unlock it. These genes are sometimes found in humans. What is incertain however is if these genes could be copied by the Tekne. We do not know if skin-spies in fact HAVE genes in the first place. They do not have faces, but some form of mutable and permeable octopus instead. Maybe they are not a variety of humans, and maybe not even based on humans, but simply constructed to look/feel/smell/whatever like one of them. Their closest relative on account of their bodies might be pigs (or dogs, with reference to Sarcellus 'smellings')! And since we further don't know (at least I don't) if Bakker envisions his world built on the same principles as ours, with genes, DNA and so forth, we do not know if it would be possible to transplant genes in the same way as it is (mostly theoretically) possible in our world, since this is Fantasy after all. Furthermore, the ability to do sorcery also stems from the intelligence/artistry/wisdom of the wielder. What is to say that the intellect of a human is in any way remotely like that of a skin spy? As they have been portrayed, they resemble humans in their ability to think and speak and so forth (see Skaeös philosophical musing when he speaks to Conphas in tDtCB). Yet we cannot know that their souls have the potential to breach the area between the world and the Outside/if they have any affinity with the onta or however you want to put it. Maybe they are actually not able to think in ways to make Ajencis proud. Perhaps they lack intuition, and can like automatons only do what has been hardwired into them, improvisation being something beyond them, and perhaps likewise for sorcery. So as a final note, even if everything White Lord has said is true, and while I also believe that the Consult could perhaps create skin spies with sorcerous powers, I am not sure it is possible. Our information from Bakker is not enough to put a final verdict here IMHO. And, I believe it would be simpler to seduce a Mandate schoolman than try to kill him (=hard) and then replace him (probably everyone would see the difference in the characters manners anyway, schoolmen being so aloof/strange/tormented/weird). view post


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