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posted 27 May 2005, 19:05 by SEF, Candidate

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":17bxxidx]I'm already running into problems (of the groaning editor kind) with the sheer [i:17bxxidx]length[/i:17bxxidx] of the Appendices to TTT. These past few weeks have been blowing my mind, world-wise. I sometimes find it hard to believe I took all that time to cook this stuff up! When I write my Bio, I'm going to call it [i:17bxxidx]Confessions of a World-junkie[/i:17bxxidx]....[/quote:17bxxidx] Buy the editor a doughnut and coffee or tell him/her they have great taste in office decor ... hehehe *winks*. I am a reader that loves detail in appendices and I hope the editor isn't being too difficult and remains negotiable. Best wishes! view post


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