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posted 28 May 2005, 16:05 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

As a fellow spoiler-phobe, Jora, I sympathize, but I think you'll come to find it's not as spoilerish as it might seem. Otherwise, welcome to the board! The same to you, Derek. I'm a husband, but not a father, though we do plan on starting a family. This means that I can only really imagine the difference in stakes you allude to between different types of scenes. I often find myself uncomfortable with what I write, but I usually take this to mean that I'm doing something right. I find it strange and troubling the way generic narrative can file away all the cutting edges, and make something inhumanly violent almost routine. So I try to make violence (in the non-historical sections of the book) as immediate and as troubling as I possibly can. I imagine that the stakes will change for me as well when I actually have children. view post


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