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posted 30 May 2005, 22:05 by bovine_buddha, Commoner

Once again I agree with your opinions, White Lord, and your reasoning, but I don't think them absolute :D I think the best we can do in this case is some kind of guesstimation. However, logically... The question to be posed is: why are there no schoolmen skin-spies? Obviously, if there had been any Scarlet-Spires-skin-spies, Kellhus would have recognised them (I think he gets a look at some of them throughout the Warrior Prophet if I'm not mistaken), and would have commented on it, since such a revelation would have greatly altered his plans. So at least in the Scarlet Spires there are likely no skin-spies, or otherwise they all pretended to be sick when they departed for the Holy War, which would be strange considering the Consult's involvement and interest with it. So there has to be a reason the Consult hasn't infiltrated this school, of which several come to mind. 1. My already proposed theory. Somehow, the skin-spies are like humans in skin only, and not in their make-up. Perhaps the differences makes it impossible to transplant genes or whatever from humans to skin-spies (Kellhus notes that their physiology is more like that of a shark, lacking bones but possessing cartilage instead). Or perhaps, the Consult has trouble detecting the relevant genes (which would be quite strange considering everything else they have done). In any way, there is some technological obstacle preventing this from happening. 2. The Consult actually fear giving to much power unto their servants. Perhaps granting them sorcery would allow them to rise against their former masters and grasp the power of the Tekne from their Inchoroi masters. I don't fully agree with your reasoning that skin-spies are programmed to blindly follow Consult-orders (I think that the second Sarcellus intent of murdering Kellhus was in fact to cover up his predecessors supposed betrayal, protecting his own hide, though that is just my interpretation) 3. As Bakker himself has noted, TTT will contain more information about the Mark. Perhaps it is that every sorceror possesses an unique mark that is not reproducible. In this way it would be impossible to replace a sorceror since all his peers would immediately see him as a fraud, entirely blowing the Consult's cover. I just though about this theory, and find it quite likely. Gotta go scan the books to find some info about the Mark. :P As it stands, we know almost for certain that a person can be replaced immediately by a skin-spy (since Geshrunni was supposed to be replaced instantly after stealing his face for example, and the fact that the man shadowing Achamian changed his face instantly). So once a face is acquired, a skin-spy can change his appearance at least on the spot (further evinced by Sarcellus's replacement skin-spy). Furthermore, the speed with which Sarcellus was replaced shows that the Consult has spare skin-spies lying around (or occupying less important positions). If it would be possible to create sorcery-capable skin-spies, the Consult could just have a bunch of them ready to replace sorcerors unfortunate enough to die a faceless death. And Zap!, the Consult secretly controls the schools of the South. Obviously something prevents them from doing this brilliant move, Which of the one above, or if there is another reason, or if Bakker simply didn't think of this possibility, is unknown to me, so it's everyone's guess for now. On the power of the Tekne, I think one shouldn't overestimate the Inchoroi. If Bakker's world is similar to our own with magic thrown in, then a starfaring race would obviously be extremely superior to our civilization. If they can genetically create new species, then their power surpasses everything we humans could ever dream about with today's technology. Which of course, the Inchoroi can, rendering this whole reasoning moot. But seriously, I think there are some limits to what the Tekne can in fact do in Bakker's world, as there are limits to what our technology can do in our world. And we don't know the Inchoroi came from the stars, or in which way, or in fact not much at all, or how their "technology" works. So much about the Tekne is pure speculation. Sure, we know they can genetically alter and produce things, but there have to be limits. Bleh. Now I'm just rambling. I think there was supposed to be a point in there somewhere... By the by, sure, the Inchoroi created the No-God using the Tekne, scary creation and all, but in the description of the No-God his Carapace is a nimil Sarcophagus (who is buried within I wonder?) with choric (chorae, Aporos-connected?) inscription, which implies that the renegade Non-Men probably had something to do with that concoction as well. About Seswatha's Heart, is it ever explained what it really is? Is it his literal heart buried somewhere, or the source of his power conserved by some strange ritual? I remember Seswatha's crucifixion at the hands of Merekeretrig (Cunoroi perhaps?) was briefly described in PoN. I have no idea if this was part of his intonement ceremony or any such or if he was just caught and killed by the enemy, the latter which would have a hard time to explain how the his "Heart" was preserved and the Mandate was formed. Well, anyway, now I'm off to Spain for a week, so I won't be seeing any reply for a while... But keep em coming! Vamos ala Playa! (And no, I don't know Spanish so don't complain about my spelling/grammar :roll: ) view post


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