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The conditioning of Kellhus posted 31 Mar 2004, 14:03 by Euron, Commoner

Hi everyone. This is my first post, though I've been lurking about, peering at you all for a little while! Just a quick question for the author if he gets a chance to look, or anyone else who has an opinion on it. First off though, I want to say how much I loved the first book! Right away it nestled comfortably behind asoiaf at the top of my list of favourite fantasy works. In fact, I'm reading it again at the moment and the things I reckon Bakker (Scott?) does even better than GRRM are mounting by the moment. Most of all I love the dirty politics and scheming in tdtcb. In particular, the personal interaction between characters trying to overpower each other is great. The contrast between what individuals say and what they mean, how they appear and how they actually feel, is probably my favourite thing about the book. The sordid mess that is the Emperor's relationship with his family is maybe the best example! Anyway, to the question. Kellhus is a great character, but I was thinking about his conditioning. I understand that the whole culture of the Dunyain is built around training mind and body. But I was wondering how Kellhus is able to read and influence men of the world so totally when his society is so separate form the rest of the world? To understand men's hopes and dreams and behaviours (down to their facial expressions) so entirely, I would have thought the Dunyain would need some exposure to those men? Otherwise, wouldn't ordinary men just seem completely alien to them? Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm interested in any opinions, and sorry for the long post! view post


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