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Signs of PoN Addiction posted 02 Jun 2005, 17:06 by Quinthane, Candidate

[size=150:1nmqvlvp]Addiction is no laughing matter friends.[/size:1nmqvlvp] Addiction to works of fantasy is as serious as it gets. The landscape has always hosted it's share of pit falls and, until lately, ASOIAF has hooked and strung out more users faster than treatment could be found. Now, with this new arrival, the disease has gained a new host, more powerful and persuassive than any before it. Are you [i:1nmqvlvp]Kellhus Caugh[/i:1nmqvlvp]t? Has the [i:1nmqvlvp]Kanuck of Kuniuri[/i:1nmqvlvp] put the jan smack-down on you? In short friends...are you [i:1nmqvlvp]Lost in the Logos Loop[/i:1nmqvlvp]? Read the following questions and objectively answer how many apply to you: 1) [b:1nmqvlvp]Do you now drink wine from a bowl instead of a glass?[/b:1nmqvlvp] 2) [b:1nmqvlvp]Does never again having a good night's sleep seem like a steal for the Gnosis at twice the price? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 3) [b:1nmqvlvp]Are any of your pets now named Anasurimbor _______? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 4)[b:1nmqvlvp] Have you ever said or thought "Knock it off, White Lord!" fearing that answering an abundance of questions is time spent not writing? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 5)[b:1nmqvlvp] Have you decided what School is right for you? Do you find yourself trying to see the Few? When you can't, do you conclude that you're surrounded by Cishaurim?[/b:1nmqvlvp] 6)[b:1nmqvlvp] Have you sustained any kind of injury atempting to step into the sky? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 7) [b:1nmqvlvp]Do you scan White Lord's posts finding salient details you'd overlooked? Are you quietly eager for the Author to address them? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 8 )[b:1nmqvlvp] How close to certain are you that Donald Rumsfeld is a Skin spy? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 9) [b:1nmqvlvp]Describe Akka's map. [/b:1nmqvlvp] 10) [b:1nmqvlvp]Are you now eager for White Lord to start his own message board with a Q & A thread so you can bone up?[/b:1nmqvlvp] 11) [b:1nmqvlvp]Been searching out a copy of "Dunyain for Dummies"?[/b:1nmqvlvp] (Whelm your coworkers! Learn a friends PIN number by how he squints! Spice up what comes after by knowing what comes before! ) 12) [b:1nmqvlvp]Do you own four or more books by Bakker even though the man's only written two? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 13)[b:1nmqvlvp] Did you read question 12 and say "Three! Three books! Not two, TTT is almost done! It counts! Three!"[/b:1nmqvlvp] 14)[b:1nmqvlvp] Have you atempted using the Probability Trance to find the shortest path to TTT's pub date? [/b:1nmqvlvp] and lastly; 15)[b:1nmqvlvp] Do you check GRRM's site a little less frequently now? [/b:1nmqvlvp] 8) view post


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