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Multiplexing? posted 03 Jun 2005, 15:06 by Scilvenas, Auditor

I'm sitting at home the other day, thinking about an old story idea I had (came from an instructor with a heavy accent saying "narrow band" but sounding like "neuroband") equating minds with radios. And then I thought of multiplexing. Basically, the human mind can consciously process, IIRC, between one and two hundred bits of information per second, basically being able to listen to four or five conversations at once, being able to participate in two, etc. But if you have a formula for parsing many events and sampling them sequentially (time division multiplexing) you could probably expand that several times over, I thought. "Great, Syl, but what's your question?" Well, this has nothing to do with the thousandfold thought, does it? Will Kellhus go from multitasking to multiplexing? Not that I want spoilers, I've just seen too many ideas swallowed by the collective unconscious to waste time on another one (which probably means I should do more writing and less thinking). view post


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