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Re: Concerning the Few posted 10 Jun 2005, 05:06 by White Lord, Subdidact

[quote="Esmi":thoto286]1. If a person is one of the few and has children then what are the odds of their children being one of the few?[/quote:thoto286] Sorcery has a genetic basis. Inheritance from parent to offspring is much higher among Nonmen than among Men. Since the Nonmen sorcerers are a caste, and they have no religious proscriptions against sorcery, I suspect this higher yield is connected with some judicious application of selective breeding. [quote="Esmi":thoto286]2. If a person was one of the few but didn't even know it and knew no sorcery would they die from touching a chorae? (I can't help but picture a nobleman letting his baby son play with a chorae only to have him incinerated :shock: )[/quote:thoto286] No. You have to speak a sorcerous Cant, and gain the Mark of sorcery. Only then can Chorae harm you. There are some incantations and cyphers you can speak and still be immune to Chorae, but they are almost useless. [quote="Esmi":thoto286]3. How many chorae are in existence and more importantly who has many of them?[/quote:thoto286] Chorae number in the tens of thousands, and I guess the Consult has the most. [quote="Esmi":thoto286]4. When a sorcorer is described as "seeing" the Mark of sorcery what does it look like to them?[/quote:thoto286] This hasn't been shown in any detail yet. view post


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