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posted 09 Jul 2005, 21:07 by Fanim, Commoner

Achamian makes no bones of his contempt for the Scarlet Spires. He thinks of himself as a philosopher, not a sorcerer. A universe in which magic is possible does not have the same metaphysical underpinnings as ours. The whole notion of objective reality becomes moot if thought can modify reality. Incidentally this is the same world many of our contemporaries think we live in, at least those who read books like Norman Vincent Peale's "The power of wishful^H^H^H^H^H^H^H positive thinking". If you thought capricious and arbitrary governments are bad, just think of what capricious and arbitrary physics mean. The Gnosis' superiority may lie in the fact the Mandate knows what it is doing, unlike the other Schools that just try recipes without understanding why they work. The fact the Mandate cannot see the Psukhe either suggests their understanding is not complete either. The real question is, why is the Consult so desperate to destroy the Cishaurim, while the anagogic schools are merely a distraction? It must be that the Psukhe is a danger to the Tekhne, more so than even the Gnosis. After all, the fact they could almost destroy the Scarlet Spires while undetected suggests they work on another plane altogether, just like the Psukhe. view post


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