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posted 11 Jul 2005, 18:07 by Ryo, Commoner

Oh, it certainly helps. Thank you for getting back to me. Naturally, I see the Nietzschean influence, and Derrida / Foucault, after all, are parent figures to D and G - the latter have catapulted off the former into their space-clearing agenda. I suppose I saw Kellhus as very much the embodiment of the Deleuzian "rhizome" - the "n minus 1" figure who is less a being and more a plain upon which spontaneous oportunities constantly mainfest themselves. But I am not a die-hard postmodernist. My thesis is more concerned with conceptions of the Canadian Fantastic, which is to say, the extent to which the fantastic imagination here is predetermined by European ideals. This is what makes your work such a facinating counterpoint to that of Kay (The Fionavar Tapestry): he clearly attempts to reestablish connection with the colonizing nation, demonstrative of that that very Canadian longing for the myths of the "old country", while you seem undermine the entire idea of the nation. "The nation" seems to fit the idea, so crucial in your books, that that which comes before determines that which comes after. People do some terrible things in its name, after all. As you said, you are a skeptic (I often compare Kay's world to a Camelot, and Earwa to a Sodom and Gommorah!), but you do allow for the possibility of the "Mystery", which actually leaves a great deal of room for fanstastic possibilities rather than steadfastly determining these. I think one of the reasons I love your work so much is that very scepticism: you evacuate the definitions that Kay so faithfully constructs as "the first world", effectively giving fantasy over to the mystery, being that which comes BEFORE it is determined by the greater mythologies which so dominate this genre. Anyway, I'm going on and on. If I arranged a set of specific questions to ask you concerning your work and its philosophical underpinnings, whether on this website or in the form of an interview, would you be interested in answering them? This would be immesurably helpful to my own paper, because it would prevent me from guessing at certain things. Also, as an aspiring writer and a tremendous fan of yours, it would be a great honour. It's up to you, of course, but if you get this, perhaps you can let me know. Thanks, Ryan view post


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