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Question to R.S. regarding release dates. posted 01 Feb 2004, 23:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Greetings one and all! First, I must say I'm happy to see that this series has it's own forum at last, nice to be here at the beginning since I expect this series to become truly major once the UK and US releases have commenced, possibly even Erikson/Martin/Hobb scale. And tres cool that the author is posting here! Anyway, I have two or three pressing questions regarding the release dates. First and foremost, The Warrior Prophet. The April 27th release date that your website mentions, is that still correct? It seems not to be, because both and now have a Mid-June release date. Some clarification here would be great. Also, I'm very curious about the size of WP. Same size as TDTCB? secondly, what is the title of the third book and when in 2005 will it be released? Have you seen the cover art for that one yet ( more specifically, what colour is it?) Thirdly, will the trade paperback of [b:2hy0pxid]"The Darkness that comes before"[/b:2hy0pxid] go out of print once the small mass market paperback is released in April this year? I'd really appreciate answers to these questions :) view post


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