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The Daimos posted 12 Jul 2005, 01:07 by Anarion, Commoner

Please forgive me if a thread like this already exists, but I'm curious about the strange magic Iyokus used to confront Achamian in Iothiah. From the description it sounds as though it has to do with the summoning of creatures from another plane (the Ciphrang). The book also goes into the fact that the Scarlet Spires, though they could not discover the Gnosis on their own or tear it from the hearts of captured Mandati, delved into other, slightly darker knowledge. So I suppose what I'm curious about is the nature of the Daimos. Detailed descriptions from the books handle the Gnosis, the Psuke, and the Anagogic schools, and they are debated in numerous posts, but I haven't read anyone talking of the Daimos. So I have a couple of questions. 1) Where does it come from (how did the Scarlet Spires come to know of it) 2) How does it relate to the other types of sorcery? Even though the demon's power was not enough to stand against the wrath of Achamian, the ability to summon such a beast would still be a force to be reckoned with and could probably influence rivalries within the schools (perhaps it helped push the Scarlett Spires to their status as the most powerful school in the Three Seas). 3) Is the Daimos related to the Consult? It would seem like an art they would have great affinity for. I hope I didn't drag that out too much :) view post


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