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posted 18 Jul 2005, 19:07 by Ryo, Commoner

I will! And thank you for the detailed responses. This stuff is gold! Your claim that consumption defines collective existence (modernity) fits beautifully, because many of the secondary sources I'm applying to your work - scholars who rightly or wrongly can be called "post-national" theorists - say similar things. That is sort of the structure of my paper: Kay as ultra-national (which in a Canadian context can mean obsequiously anglophilic), and your work as post-national, meaning you've written away from the nation by voiding your colonial context, and you've refused to deliniate a cultural standpoint. In effect, I argue that your work frees Canadian fantasy from Canada. Anyway, when I digest what you've given me and come up with some more questions I'll send them off. Thanks again, so much! p.s. Is Neuropath a philosophy book you're working on, or fiction? This is the first I've heard of it. view post


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