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posted 02 Feb 2004, 03:02 by Wil, Head Moderator

Welcome Mith! Glad that you could come to our site! We are ever eager for new members. I know I am not the author, (Rest assured, he does stop by here almost everday) but if you don't mind, I will answer the questions that I know. I recently asked Scott as to the release of the Warrior Prophet. He was suprised when he learned that the date had changed on the Penguin website, and he assured me that he would get to the bottom of this hopefully by tomorrow. As to the title of the third book, I beleive that [i:2ylt2jk9]The Thousandfold Thought,[/i:2ylt2jk9] is at the top of the title list. Again, welcome to the site and I would encourage you to go and introduce yourself in the "Welcome" forum! view post


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