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The Few and Kellhus posted 29 Jul 2005, 22:07 by Ajencis, Commoner

I may just be stating the obvious to everyone, but aren't the Schoolmen or 'the Few' nihilists. Only they can see the Few and they are the only ones that can perform Sorcery. They are rejected by the rest of the world and only Mandate Schoolmen can see the true state of the world, sonce only they acknowledge that the Consult exists. And only they have the Gnosis, which in Greek translates as Knowledge. Another point that may be obvious, since I haven't seen this view expressed elsewhere, is that Kellhus is Jesus Christ, metaphorically. He dies and is resurrected. he sees in the Hearts of Men and is killed by people who fear change and his power. The Muslims believe that Jesus was a Prophet and the Jews believe that their Messiah will be a Warrior. hence the 'Warrior-Prophet' Kellhus has 9 main followers, the Nascenti. Kellhus' version of the Apostles? He is also looking for his Father. His symbol after the Resurrection is the Circumfix, which sounds like the Gnostic Cross. Just a few thoughts, don't know whether they are right or wrong. view post


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