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posted 10 Aug 2005, 18:08 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

[quote:tpmd1dtu]When you visualize the great cities of Earwa - Momemn, Carythusal, Sumna, Caraskand, Iothiah - what visual analogies have you come to associate them with from Earth? I'm of the understanding that you at no point set out to make it that simple aesthetically, but on some level, there must be some connections, correct?[/quote:tpmd1dtu] This is actually a tough question. The problem is that I've been living in and tinkering with Earwa for so long that I've long since stopped relying on real-world models. Everyplace seems to have it's own groove or vibe or whatever, and I'm continually cannibalizing realworld details that for some reason simply seem to fit. In broad terms, the original parallels are clear enough: Nansur/Byzantines, Scylvendi/Scythians, Fanim/Seleucids, and so on, but everything has become so hybridized that they now seem pretty unique - in my imagination, anyway. It's almost as though I started cooking Chinese, Indian, French, Mediterranean, and so on, but after years of experimenting, the dishes became too distinct for those categories to apply. It seems to be a very savoury world. view post


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