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A Question About Villians posted 12 Aug 2005, 18:08 by BankytheHack, Commoner

Scott, I've asked you before about how you approach the villians in PoN, but I believe in my haste to get a question posted I didn't really think it out fully. of the many things that impressed me about your writing is how your villians are visualized and/or used in the story. Nearly all fantasy out there today has a main villian who ends up more like a villian of the week from "Beastmaster" the televison series, and for me this type of characterization is frustrating. My question is this: did you start out with a specific model for how you wanted the villians (bad guys, evil people, etc.) to emerge throughout the story or did it happen completely by accident? I've mentioned before that the No-God reminds me of how Tolkien wrote Morgoth or Sauron. view post


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