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Re: White-Luck Warrior posted 02 Oct 2010, 13:10 by Ironsoul, Commoner

Was hoping for more feedback but there you go. Anyway, i reckon Cnaiur did actually die but somehow he has been brought back to life in the body of this young man who was with his wife and daughter. My reason for first of all, believing that the young man has been possessed is the reaction of his wife. She immediately begins to question him, asking if he is okay. We then hear her thoughts, "You look like you're dreaming" and "Wake up please! You're scaring me!" in a trance-like state he ignores her and even shoves her arm out of the way. For me that's pretty good evidence that the young man is no longer himself and would suggest possession. Now i believe that whoever is possessing the young man is somebody who once lived because of the way Bakker continually writes, "A life lived, now forgotten. And in it's place..." Indictates to me that someone or something has come back to life. As a side note, the young man is the descendant of a Scylvendi marauder. Now obviously thats pretty circumstantial evidence but nevertheless it is another connection to Cnaiur and there was no need for Bakker to include the information other than for that reason. Moving through the story, when the young man meets Psatma he says, "I am the White-Luck...I walk. I breathe." Now this man has not lived his whole life knowing he is the White-Luck. IMO, someone has possessed him who knows he himself is the White-Luck. Furthermore, this person appears to have lived before as he seems surprised that he can once more walk and breathe. As to why i think the person is Cnauir...Psatma describes the two of them as siblings..and Psatma is described as "a soul, wrought of iron and cruelty." And "hers was the grinding hatred, the homicidal outrage of the betrayed, the unwavering fury of the degraded and the dispossessed" Remind you of anyone? Before Psatma and the young man have sex, his body is described as the body of a man newly wed, slender, golden for the perfection of its skin. Indeed, it is "not yet strong." Then when he climaxes her strength fills him and certain things happen. "the knitting of muscle across his frame. the scarring"-the young mans body is maturing and becoming strong, and what's more it is gaining scars that that the person bore in his past life. Now who has more scars than Cnauir with his swazond? "hands that clawed her chest beame horned with callusses, thick with throttling strength."-again who was blessed with such throttling stregth? Cnaiur, and it's the way Bakker tended to describe Cnauir. So why would he describe this character so if not to indicate that it is in actual fact Cnauir returning to life? Cnauir is a massive fave of mine and i would love to see his return. Even better is to see that he won't be in these books as a 60 odd year old man or as an ageless general forr the No Gods armies, cos while Cnaiur wasn't a good guy he wasn't truly evil. At least i don't think so. Just a tad confused! Anyway i'm pretty bored now so i'm gonna finish Regards, Ironsoul Some people dream of success. Others wake up and work hard for it. view post


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