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posted 08 Sep 2005, 00:09 by Tobias Zhiegler, Commoner

After coming to a speculation, stemming from two seperate examples, I have reached the conclusion that it is quite possible that the Thousand-fold Thought in itself is a transformed means of thinking, a...sudden grasping or manipulation of multiple people. I personally believe the Thousand-fold Thought to be an extension of the elements that Anasurimbor Kellhus has been using throughout the entirety of his stay outside of his seclusion with his Dunyain brothers. Since he has been on the outside we have all been witnesses to his remarkably above average abilities of emotion manipulation (which has led to him literally enthralling those around him), emotion reading, (which at times has assisted him in reading the thoughts of those around him), he has also shown a considerable amount forethought. I think the Thousand-fold Thought to be a means of extending, amplifying, or even evolving the skills that he has used throughout the story. Constantly, we see the author giving descriptions, interestingly using "thousands" as a means of describing a puzzle that Khellus needs to think through, but cannot at that point in time due to the variety of variables and possibilities that he cannot possibly consider simultaneously. I believe the Thousand-Fold Thought to be a means of grasping, manipulating, and/or reading the surrounding masses, which is a feat, even for Khellus, when taking into consideration that in most general instances he does these things on a "one-at-a-time" basis. The first true sign of the Thousand-fold Thought that we get is unfortunately at the end of the Warrior-Prophet, but this in itself is enough to substantiate my guesses. When the people, all at once began to fall under his title, kneeling to him under the belief that he was a great lord, and truly the Warrior Prophet, though we know these titles to be a lie. And we also know that were it not for the fact that he could see through the skin-spies, there would be no real reasoning for them to keep him alive, or for them to believe him to be something more than he is. This is an example of mass manipulation. Before, he only did this in smaller numbers, (i.e the council with the surrounding leaders, or individual peoples, etc) same with Moengus, but perhaps, the Thousand-fold Thought is when they attain the ability to perform these feats on greater scale. The first time I believe he actually used the Thousand-fold Thought, or was able to taste the theoretical power it possess was in the war in Anwurat. I specifically remember after handling the assassins that Ikurei Conphas sent to get rid of Khellus, that Khellus began to fully read and grasp the situation on the battlefield, and came to the realization that, and I quote "war is conviction". The reason I believe the Thousand-fold Thought is being used in this situation is the example of the Thousand-fold Thought given later in the book, the ever mysterious haloed hands, which I believe to be a represenation of its almost divine power. If this is, indeed what the Thousand-fold Thought happens to be, I would think Khellus to definitely be a god of sorts, the haloed hand does little more than further my suspicions, seeing as how haloes are generally a sign of divinity. view post


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