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posted 11 Sep 2005, 22:09 by Nonman, Commoner

Its safe to say that they are bipedal with at least vaguely human features. They use swords, wear armor and have two arms and two legs. That much we know. As for further details Scott hasn't written in a word in two novels. This isn't out of character, he didn't describe an inch of the Conrinyan 'Knights' that were actively invovled in both books until the latter part of the Warrior Prophet (where he mentioned the masque-like quality of their faceplates) and this was neatly fifteen hundred [b:ec7sinj8]pages[/b:ec7sinj8] after their first appearence. Yet while he is downright ephemeral in his descriptions of some things he inundates us with images of the appearence of others. How many times have we heard about how the light interacts with Kellhus's eyes and blond beard? How many synonyms for scarlet will be used to describe the robes of the spires? view post


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