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posted 26 Sep 2005, 03:09 by gyrehead, Candidate

[quote:s5qhzthl]It's the story that would make it difficult. Books can take you places movies can't, and PoN, I think, is one of those stories that turn in important ways on things that are inaccessible to the silver screen. [/quote:s5qhzthl] Any book that I love or even just really enjoy has already been filmed in the cinema of the mind. Casted, edited and caught in grand full technicolor. The idea of taking a great book and flattening to put on a screen for a couple of hours is sheer horror for me. I'd rather wish you a huge readership, Scott, and winning the lottery. Or some unknown relative dies and leaves you loads. But Hollywood fame and fortune is a huge step down for a skilled and talented author. To me that would be like coming to Picasso and tellinghim his greatest work has been sold. To MacDonalds to decorate the millions and millions of Happy Meal boxes sold across the world daily. view post


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