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posted 11 Oct 2005, 07:10 by FAU5TU5, Commoner

I'm going to have to lean in favor of the author here in hope of what could be an ever expanding realm/reality/world. The more aspects of detail that are of "interest" but not absolutely needed to elequently get the story across leaves great room for further exploration of the worlds in other series based in the same reality. ( ok that was a long sentence) Rather if R.S.B. were to go into too much detail about all of these different and interesting aspects there wouldnt be much left to really open up anew if we were to reture to Earwa after TTT. It would just be "Return to Earwa" if you know what I mean. Prime example was Tolkien's Silmarillion; Soo much new info on things only touched on in the Lord of the Rings, and still opening up for even more, (if he wouldnt have waited so long and died before even getting that far ) Yeah, sure, I would love for there to be sub novels on all of these questions as we speak, I would buy them, and read them, and then re-read the first series with new appreciation (something that doesnt happen if it is all described the first time through in full detail ), but lets give R.S.B. at least a few years to come up with all those novels. Eagerly awaiting TTT. Thanks R.S.B. view post


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