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Well... posted 13 May 2004, 21:05 by Norsirai, Commoner

In Sumna, Achamian more or less says to Inrau and Esmenet that Psukhe, or Cishaurim 'sorcery,' has such a different set of metaphysics that all the Schools are frightened by its implications. It cannot be 'seen' as sorcery he says, (‘seen’ referenced as how the Few ‘see’ each other here, imo) and also states in that scene or a different one that the Cishaurim [i:1zh285ey]are[/i:1zh285ey] immune to the chorae. So there you go. What I don't recall however, TH, is where it states or implies that Kellhus can 'see' sorcery? Now, to clarify, I stated that I think Moengus is Maithanet and Mallahet, as two personas he has donned toward supremacy. However, you misunderstood me. I posited that the Mallahet that met with Xerius to open the dialogue between the Cishaurim and the Nansur was not Moengus/Mallahet, but rather someone made to resemble Mallahet… as Moengus was no longer with the Cishaurim but in Sumna, under his new identity as Shriah of the Thousand Temples (my theory in a nutshell). As to what he's up to, that's up in the air. At first thought, bearing in mind I'm judging motivation from behind the veneer of my theory, I figured he was gathering everyone. The Call to Battle, if you will. But I'll put aside my Moengus = Maithanet and Mallahet theory for the moment, as the motivations for the whole game are more important. I'll try to frame my thoughts more cogently than last time. The burning question that comes to mind then, is obviously 'why?' Let's assume that as Mallahet, Moengus has covert control of the Cishaurim. The Cishaurim, according to Achamian I believe, are the most powerful nation (culture? league?) in the Three Seas. So, why send Maithanet to subvert control of the Thousand Temples to bring them to Shimeh under the guise of a war of reconquest? I can think of none other than a Dunyain who could successfully coordinate the assassination of the head of the Scarlet Spires School. So I'm going to put forth the supposition here that Moengus put that together (while with the Cishaurim) in order to ensure that the most powerful enclave of Schoolmen [i:1zh285ey]would[/i:1zh285ey] be on board with Maithanet's Holy War. Again, why would Moengus engineer it this way? Why else attempt to control the Cishaurim [i:1zh285ey]and[/i:1zh285ey] the Holy War, other than to combine them at some point? It’s manipulation on a massive scale, and it smacks of [i:1zh285ey]more[/i:1zh285ey] than mere conquest. A lesson for Kellhus? For the Consult? Look, I failed and am in full on ramble more right now, so I’m just going to run with it and toss coherency to the wind. We don't know much about the Dunyain, but we know (I think) that deception is what they perceive as the greatest crime. Yet the Dunyain we've seen are neck deep in it. So, maybe the only way to teach the Three Seas the truth is to get them into a position where they can learn (whether of the great principles and truths of the Dunyain or of the Consult, I don't know, tho would hazard a guess at the latter). Recall, that Maithanet is derivative of Mai'tathana in Thoti-Eannorean, which means- Instruction. And I don't for a minute believe that Moengus would leave the 'lessons' to a student or agent of his own. But, if one of the two [i:1zh285ey]is[/i:1zh285ey] a student of Moengus, my money is on that being Mallahet, not Maithanet. But why would Mallahet have swazond on his arms, unless Moengus at one time [i:1zh285ey]was[/i:1zh285ey] Mallahet? So I fall back to my original theory. view post


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