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posted 13 May 2004, 21:05 by Norsirai, Commoner

[quote="Iceman":28nug5m7]Yes, but how to convince the different factions not only that the Consult exists, but that they ought to combine forces and fight him as well?[/quote:28nug5m7] As to this, I previously addressed it too. Basically, I figure the only way is to have each side suffer somewhat grievous losses, manufacture a momentary peace, and then use some kind of evidence (or just manipulate both sides into believing) that the Consult was behind getting them to weaken each other... before bringing on their Apocalypse. It's dicey, I know. How else [i:28nug5m7]could[/i:28nug5m7] it be done? Even if Moengus could prove beyond a doubt that the Consult exist, by having one of their agents imprisoned at hand perhaps, by itself is not incentive enough to ally. There needs some kind of an inciting imperative for the remainder of the Three Seas and the Cishaurim to become allies against the Consult and their allies, various Nonmen (like the lovely fellow who tore of Geshrunni's face) and Sranc and who knows what else. Honestly, I think the Consult has a clue. Not only were they in Sumna, not to simply to spy on Achamian, but they've penetrated the Shrial Knight's as well. I doubt they'd be all over the Holy War unless they thought Moengus was all over them. view post


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