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The Motivation of a Dunyain posted 20 Nov 2005, 09:11 by cyruskhan, Commoner

Scott, I'm curious as to what would motivate a Dunyain. A man with no desires has simply that- no desires. So how could he aspire to anything? Why bother going out among the worldborn and dominating? That implies ambition, and a lust for power over others. Kellhus can be explained (he has been sent after his father), but that still leaves the question of his father. Is this something you have not yet revealed, and will in future books? Also, reading TWP, i noticed that you have an incredible fondness for the phrase "Death came swirling down." I wonder why must death always swirl to and fro? Why can't death simply pass by, or maybe stop for some coffee? Always with the swirling! Thanks, Joe view post


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