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Prince of Nothing gone in 40 years posted 24 Nov 2005, 17:11 by kevin, Commoner

Hey Scott, as a published author I would like your take on hardback books that are put out today. The average life span of a hardback book from what I have heard is between 40-50 years but books created 200 years or later will still be around ( of course were talkin calf skin bound, marbled boards etc ). Will there ever be a leather bound edition in my lifetime (of this series ) ? I have seen first editions of The Davinci Code ( which is a great book and soon to be blockbuster movie ) going for over a 1000 bucks but they will never be able to pass it on to there kids. The rarest book I own is The Dune Encyclopedia Hard Back and of course the pages are starting to turn yellow etc. I am starting to reread your series (which kicks ass ) and this time I am going to create my own Earwa Encyclopedia(for myself cause there is a lot of info ) Looking forward to The Thousandfold Thought (leatherbound with autograph made out to " To my favorite chanv addict Kevin " view post


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