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posted 13 Dec 2005, 02:12 by kansasbarbarian, Commoner

I personally don't think Cnaiur is gay I think he just wished Moengus was his father because of the interest he took in him. Seduction doesn't always lead to sexual relations. He seduced him from the typical Scylvendi way of life. He opened his mind to more knoweledge than Cnaiur would have had if Moengus had not been there. Cnaiur knew he was different from the rest of his tribe because he had more knowledge than any one there besides Moengus. How do you think he was able to resist Kellhus when everyone else succumbed? The reason that Serwe is his proof is from all the remarks and looks he was given by his people and his mothers guilt at having children by Moengus, and his guilt over his father because he told Moengus he wanted the white yaksh and that lead to his fathers murder. We know he is the most violent of all men as a way to be the best Scylvendi warrior in his own eyes even when his people still don't give him the respect he feels he deserves, so if he can't have their respect he will have their fear. Any way remember his reaction at the term faggot. He killed his uncle not because he was a faggot but because of shock of that was what his tribe thought. This is just my thoughts because he is a complex incredible character. If he dies in TTT he desrves a memorable way of Death as befits the most violent of all men, not as a faggot weeper. In any case if they had sex Moengus was achild molester as Cnaiur was still a kid. view post


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