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Why can't Kellhus plan? posted 17 Dec 2005, 02:12 by Artful, Candidate

This is just confusing the heck out of me, so I'll just ask... He's a very intelligent guy. However, he frequently seems caught flat-footed. He was involved in the war planning, but he didn't forsee the water ships being ambushed? The adage 'an army marches on its stomach' is so basic that he should have been able to pick it up in an instant. He spotted the first skin-spy, but didn't think there might be others? He had to come with a new plan when he met Sarcellus. Also, he had no previous escape plan when the army got trapped. Moreover, he's a public religious figure in a hostile country with a rapidly diminishing army. He might get to his father, but I refuse to believe any amount of sweet-talking would save him if he was caught. Even bigger, he said that his ultimate mission was to prevent the corruption of the world from reaching the Dunyan. Or so he said to the trapper, and he had no reason to lie. It's equally obvious that the world is affecting him. However, he often seems to think he has much to teach them when he comes back. However, if what he said is correct, the Dunyan will kill him to prevent corruption. Why doesn't he see that? view post


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