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posted 01 Jan 2006, 02:01 by Nasrudin's Shadow, Candidate

It seems to me that in instances where "important" reviewers are not bound by another's agenda, they are often chained to their own. Crossing the boundaries of genre literature and real, serious, impress-your-stodgy-old-professor-by-adding-an-"esque"-to-it-literature is, as you've already pointed out, done in books, not in Izzy Asper's parlour or in marketing meetings. Here, on these pages and on similar message boards, are books and music and films being put to the test. People can talk much more loudly than they ever could before. While this has, sadly, led to a noisier world, it has also lead to an environment where consumers and appreciators of art can direct their own search for new and challenging works. On a different note, I think epic fantasy is the closest "sort" of writing there is to the essence of literature. As with any genre, of course, it's benefits are it's drawbacks, but the discerning writer always knows how much to show, yes? Anyway, I should get back to reading the Warrior Prophet, so I can enjoy these discussions without fear of spoilers. view post


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