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posted 13 Jan 2006, 14:01 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

People rationalize, [i:11p4wyx6]especially[/i:11p4wyx6] in times of war. Whatever helps them becomes 'good.' The more it helps them, the more 'good' it becomes. Look at guns in the US. Since it was the widespread ownership of firearms that allowed the revolutionaries to so quickly muster militias (and making it very difficult for the British to control any territory, even after scoring military victories), guns were enshrined in the Constitution. And now, they've become quasi-sacred fetishes for millions, despite the off-the-chart murder rates. As a result you have a nation dedicated to life and liberty, bedazzled by Jesus Christ's turn-the-other-cheek teachings, with mass ownership of hundreds of millions of weapons specifically designed to efficiently kill humans. There's no contradiction too big. The primary function of belief is to [i:11p4wyx6]serve[/i:11p4wyx6] the status quo. Other things, like consistency, veracity, and so on, tend to be more incidental than not, I think. view post


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