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Regarding the Dunyain posted 17 Jan 2006, 22:01 by Swordsman, Commoner

Preface: This might be a premature question/observation, since I've only read TDTCB, and infact it might be fundamentally flawed, since it's been a long while since I brushed up on it. It works under the assumption that the Dunyain seek to be capable of controlling all things, within themselves and without, and so become "self moving souls." Does that not connote that either (a) only [i:2qzdghhu]one[/i:2qzdghhu] can ever be free-willed, or (b) that the Dunyain are conditioned and taught that they are the same as all other Dunyain? To make an example: Say you have Corvael and Remmas, both Dunyain. There is a single ball in a room, and they are going to control it. Neither can roll it one way so long as the other is trying to roll it the other. Unless they both share the same intention and thought, only one can ever control the direction of the ball, or both will lose it. In that sense, neither has achieved what they are studying for: perfect control of their environment. So long as either one of them has a sense of identity separate from the other, even if they act in unison, both may have deviate thoughts, and must be aware that even though they are achieving their goal, they do not have the power to deviate from the agreed motion. That isn't control either. Either one must control the other, or both must be the same identity. Addendum: nuts. I'm gonna get RAFO'd, aren't I? view post


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