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posted 21 Jan 2006, 17:01 by aergern, Commoner

[quote="Dexious":1j9no3ms] You have talked of different mediums. Have you thought of graphic novels as an option? There is a world of comic book readers here in the U.S. who would love this story. If you work directly with the artist, I'm sure you would have the creative control to tell the story properly. Plus, the story board for a movie is already completed. Sad but true, there are powerful people in Hollywood who still need pictures with their stories (as do many Americans).[/quote:1j9no3ms] Yes, this would be a good medium to tell related stories of PoN much like GRRM did with the Image comic The Hedge Knight. I doubt it would get a green light to be a full fledged monthy retelling of PoN but one never knows. It would take at least 48 issues per book to tell the story without any loss of story. If a PoN comic did come to be.. I know I'd plunk down my $2.99 every month. :) view post


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