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Correspondences posted 26 Jan 2006, 05:01 by Grallon, Candidate

This may not be the best sub-forum for such a thread; if that's the case feel free to move it. ----- In every piece of fiction I read I amuse myself trying to determine the origins of certain idea/concept/character; for instance the obvious references to the judeo-christian cosmology in Tolkien's work (Lucifer as Melkor, etc). I did the same with Scott's PoN (in fact I mentioned some of those perceived references elsewhere on the site). I wonder if other people saw similar correspondences. Cenei: Rome Kiraneas: Classical Greece Kian: Islam Nansurium: Byzantium Shigek: Mesopotamia Amoteu: Palestine The Scylvendi: the Huns The Non-Men: elves Nenciphon: Ctesiphon (capital of Parthia) - The Thousand Temples: the Catholic Church/ the Orthodox Church - The Shria: the Pope or Patriarch (incidently I don't know if it was even intended but I laughed when I saw the concordance between the word Shria and the adjective 'shrill' - which is quite apt for a religious authority figure :lol:) - Ajencis: Aristotle - Fane: Mohamed - Inri Sejenus: Jesus Christ - The Dunyain: Dune's Bene Gesserit/Mentats (but also a reference to Tolkien's Dunedain - kings of men) - The Inchoroi: Dune's Tleilaxu - Khellus: Dune's Paul Muad'hib - The Way of the Limbs & Faces: Dune's Prajna-Bindu techniques - The Hall of Thousand Mirrors: Dune's mentat state (or trap) of infinite mirrors (mentioned in Heretics of Dune) - The Inchoroi's compulsion techniques: Dune's Bene Gesserit sexual conditioning & the Honored Matriarchs' sexual compulsions - The skin-spies: the face-dansers (only discernable by Reverend Mothers / here by the Dunyain) - The Inchoroi Syntheses: Dune's ghola bodies used by the Tleilaxu Masters I'm sure there are plenty more. G. view post


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