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posted 26 Jan 2006, 22:01 by Grallon, Candidate

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":1bqza04l]Inspiration-wise, the correspondances are certainly not one to one the way you line them up, Grallon. Kellhus, for instance, actually owes very little to Paul Atriedes, though the skin-spies are obvious rip-offs of Herbert's face-dancers. The Scylvendi owe nothing to the Huns, but quite abit to the Scythians and Sarmatians. I see Shigek as decidedly more Egyptian than Mesopotamian. And the Inchoroi owe nothing to the Tleilaxu. Otherwise, the world is meant to be a blur of our own. The significance, I would argue, lies in the many differences.[/quote:1bqza04l] Scott, I'm not talking about (or - the gods forbid - accusing of) plagiarism :) All of us, in our respective capacity, are the sum of many influences and I'm simply looking for - as I said - correspondances. This said, I presume you're familiar with GGKay's work ? Embeded in his books is the theory (or conceit) that his own particular worlds (Fionovar, the world of Sarantium, Tigana, Al-Rassan), along with many others, are avatars of what he calls the "prime world" (Earth) and that the stories happening there are some sort of echos of what happene(s)d on the 'prime material'. One get a sense this was a penultimate homage to Tolkien. This thought crossed my mind while I was drawing those correspondances. What are your thoughts about this ? Do you share the conceit ? G. view post


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