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posted 29 Jan 2006, 00:01 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Your question on the Cishaurim can be answered from TTT's encyclopedic glossary. So since that is semi-spoilerish I won't answer it for you. :) The Scarlet Spires were important for several reasons: 1)They are the most powerful School in the Three Sea's 2)The Imperial Saik are part of the Nansur Empire, and ultimately beholden to the Emperor. The Temples didn't want to give any more power to the Empire than they had to. The Myusanai may be a "major school" but they are probably one of the weakest. Given that they are also mercenaries it makes their loyalties somewhat suspect. 3)By contracting the Scarlet Spires you also ensure that the full might of High Ainon is on your side 100%, that helps too As for the third, only Scott can answer that :) view post


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