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Free Speech and Tact posted 04 Feb 2006, 03:02 by Gaijin San, Commoner

I'm sure everyones familiar with the controversy over some cartoons depicing Muhammed in a Danish newspaper They claim it was done to test the true extent of freedom of expression in Denmark.Personally I think it was a bad idea but many Muslim commentators say it should be illegal.At the same time a proposal to outlaw "incitement to religious hatred" has been defeated in the British parliament and just when you thought the whole controversy couldn't get any more heated the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, was acquitted of all charges of incitement to racial hatred during a speech he made in which he called Islam a "vicious, wicked faith" ... 46,00.html A retrial has been ordered but I think he's unlikely to be convicted. Should he be? and should non-Muslims be expected to conform to Islamic laws such as those forbidding representations of their prophet? How free should free speech be? view post


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