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posted 04 Feb 2006, 18:02 by Gaijin San, Commoner

[quote:cztxwqgv]If someone knows where to find the Danish cartoons, could you send me the URL? I would like to make my own idea on the subject. [/quote:cztxwqgv] The cartoons can be seen here ... of-racism/ [quote:cztxwqgv]You say that you thought it was a bad idea? Why is that?[/quote:cztxwqgv] I think they were extremely naive if they thought it would not provoke the response it has.I believe they should be free to do what they've done but I wouldn't have done it myself just as I think people should be free to express any view they hold even though I may not share it.I also think there must be more productive uses to put freedom of expression to than ridiculing an already marginalised and paranoid minority. view post


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