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State of Canadian literary culture posted 06 Feb 2006, 02:02 by Chris, Commoner

Ran posted this on the asoiaf board (not sure if its the same Ran that posts) but I'm absconding it :wink: [url=]This article[/url:1ae98q5f] states something that I know Scott has strong beliefs about; that being fantastic literature having a hard time being taken seriously by the establishment. [quote:1ae98q5f] RM Vaughan, Weekend Post Published: Saturday, January 28, 2006 A literary agent of my acquaintance (OK, OK, my literary agent) told me a revealing story about how Canadian literary culture is perceived outside of Canada. While at a European book fair, he was approached by a Finnish publisher who, like any good Finn, was already loaded by 4 p.m. "A Canadian!" the publisher bellowed. "Tell me, please, why all your books are about middle-class ladies who don't have any problems?"[/quote:1ae98q5f] Now I know in a recent Steven Erikson interview he stated quite strongly that he needed to move England just to get his stuff published. He doesn't seem too enamoured of Canadian publishers. But Scott, I was wondering if you think the situation is especially bad up here or if the view of fantasy still being a juevinile pasttime is still a world wide perception. I remember the moaning by the literary bigwigs in England when The Lord of the Rings was threatening to be named the top English novel so there's obviously some prejudice against the genre there. On a side note, I find it somewhat bothersome that someone complaining about the snobbishness of Can Lit in relation to fantasy doesn't even bother to mention some of the home grown greats. Not that I don't love The Song of Ice and Fire series and don't blame him for using it as an example, but it would have been nice if he'd of at least mentioned the trouble Prince of Nothing and Malazan Book of the Fallen had had getting published in the first place. view post


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