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posted 06 Feb 2006, 21:02 by Chris, Commoner

[quote="Nauticus":md7z08o5]Really? Some of the city names have the homage to Lord of the Rings, but I see [i:md7z08o5]no[/i:md7z08o5] comparison between Aragorn and Kellhus, [/quote:md7z08o5] I don't know that the comparison between these two characters is all that off base. Both are the last heirs to an ancient royal house of a great kingdom in the north that is now lightly populated and no longer a kingdom. Both have a touch of kinship with an immortal race that gives the line added years of life. Both were reared in a closed environment by an elite society. Even the names of their groups are similar; Dunedain vs Dunyain. And both have great destinies including restoring their ancient line to its preeminet status over mankind. The obvious differences come with how they leave their respective homes. They both leave at roughly the same point in life but Aragon is driven to seek his destiny as a result of falling in love with someone above his station, a destiny that he sees as a duty and desperately wants to be able to live up to, whereas Kellhus is summoned to his and uses his attributes as a means to manipulate everyone and anyone in a quest for power that he has no compunctions about taking. Of course Aragon lives for a long time amongst the people he comes to rule, often taking low level postions to learn about life while Kellhus takes the Short Path, feeling he knows all he will ever need about people by reading them. view post


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