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posted 07 Feb 2006, 18:02 by Twayleph, Auditor

Ah, thanks a lot for your answers Scott. I hadn't seen it this way, but the idea of reversing the "real world" situation, where the revelations of science are replaced by those of the Warrior-Prophet, makes the worldview transition seem a lot less disappointing and reveals a new depht I hadn't seen. Very interesting tidbit about anarcane grounds, I expect we'll hear more of those very soon ! Like, a few years soon :) And I would indeed expect the Consult's sorcerous resources to be limited, since their goal is all about [i:2lsn3s1r]avoiding[/i:2lsn3s1r] damnation, and dying in combat just wouldn't do. And I guess I'll take your silence regarding the Circle of Nibel as an indication that it [i:2lsn3s1r]is[/i:2lsn3s1r] strictly AE material. I can live with that! view post


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