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Inrau's sorcery posted 08 Feb 2006, 10:02 by zarathustra, Peralogue

Thanks for answering all the questions Scott there can't be too many writers that would go to this length. But I have a couple more questions: 1) What sorcery does Inrau use when he is attacked by the Consult? I would have assumed the Gnosis but from the description given of Kellhus' training this would seem difficult as Inrau would have had to have damned himself earlier. It seems to come from a more emotional level like the Cishaurim. 2) Why do the Cishaurim not intervene in the battle outside Caraksand? Related to this is why do the Cishaurim let Acahamian and Xinemus into Caraksand were they under orders from Moenghus? view post


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