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posted 08 Feb 2006, 21:02 by Chris, Commoner

[quote="Nasrudin's Shadow":20fk7cpm] It is possible that Canada's literary stagnation is largely due to its seemingly overwhelming urge to establish, and protect, an identity for itself. Literary movements in Canada happen much more slowly because we tend towards reinforcement rather than progression. Despite the fact that it is no longer really relevant, we are still very much defined by the "garrison" mentality--we are socialists, community-builders, protectors of our neighbours. We seek to strengthen what already exists before all else. In the realm of art and literature, this is manifested in predictable ways.[/quote:20fk7cpm] I think there is much to be said for this idea. Its hard to find a national identity when our biggest claim to international fame seems to be that we're not Americans. The lackluster state of Canadian television and movies are another testament to this. Sarah Polley, who was always steadfast in her goal to stay Canadian-based, not too long ago questioned her choice to remain here given how poor the fare is. Makes me wonder how many dozens of Prince of Nothings and Fionavar Tapestrys are sitting in desks across the Prairies and Maritimes. The few Canuck writers who have made a splash seem to have some serious careers as backups if the writing thing doesn't pan out; De Lint was/is a musician. Kay a lawyer, Erikson an anthropologist, Caitin Sweet a teacher and of course Scott gave up the megacash and groupies available in being a professional philosopher to try his hand :lol: view post


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