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posted 10 Feb 2006, 19:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

We have nothing that suggests the Inchoroi are erratic, their perversions and manner is quite different from that of the Non-men Erratics from what we have seen. Remember that with the Non-men it isn't perversity so much as trauma that they seek out, because trauma makes a much more lasting impact on their mind, and they can remember those traumatic experiences. With the Inchoroi we see a much more instinctive seeming drive that makes them a "Race of Lovers." If something similar happened with the Inchoroi perhaps in the distant past (longer as far as the time between they made themselves immortal/longer lives than their normal life span and their arrival on Earwar than the time between their arrival on Earwa and now) they would have obviously overcome it so it was a much more natural state of being than that of the Non-men Erratics. My personal opinion, is that the reason for the Inchoroi's appetites is quite different from what drives the Erratics, but that is just my 0.02. :) view post


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